Asset Management Services, a division of Sedberry & Associates, provides asset management services focused on enhancing the potential value and return on the investment.  Our style of management is unique to the industry, and is designed to capitalize on the strength of each member of our management team. Improving the cash flow of any asset is accomplished by means of the utmost professionalism through detailed reporting, articulate communication skills and choosing the most qualified, competitive resources for personnel, contracts/vendors and Maintenance.

Current Asset Management Solutions accounts include approximately 1.5 million square feet retail and office projects including ABQ Uptown, the Department of Interior, K-Tech, Nob Hill Shopping Center, Sycamore Plaza, the Plaza at Paseo del Norte and Juan Tabo Plaza. 
Sedberry & Associates is confident and strongly encourages you to contact any of our clients, past or present. Satisfaction and quality, customer service will be amplified and reiterated through our client responses to our management.